Reaping and Reflecting is a virtual version of ALMAKs journal. In 2019 she decided that she would begin to work on her first project, Hyphy Bruja; a combination of journal reflections, and art. Unknowingly  after months of this practice and other life experiences, she learned that her growth and the moon phases were in sync and had a sacred connection to the things that happened in her life. Her intention now is to share what she has learned in hopes that it will help others work alongside the many divine energies that have always been around them.

Bateria Battuci

Batuci (Ba- Two -Key) a small dynamic group of Brazilian percussion, dance, melodic instruments and vocals. We not only play Brazilian rhythms but incorporate the many styles ranging from such backgrounds as Afro-Caribbean, Hip Hop and Rock. An artistic collective made up of teaching artists, cultural ambassadors and community workers. Batuci was created in response to the pandemic, holding outdoor rehearsals throughpout the Bay Area in order to provide free performances and community engagement rooted in activism, culture and healing. Batuci allows us to further fortify these relationships and make sure we as individuals our culture and communities thrive.


Jah Warrior Shelter’s Jah Yzer, I-vier & Irie Dole have established themselves as one of California’s leading sounds, winning 9 Sound Clash titles. Each selector in the crew has his unique style, earning well deserved recognition, not only as a clash sound, but a top juggling sound as well. In The Bay Area, you can always find a Jah Warrior Shelter Hi-Fi dance to go to and have a good time, either with individual selectors or together as one sound.

Venmo: @jahyzer

Hoodwink415 & PapiBarz

We are GemCutter Records (in collaboration with the Mic Angelo BQM “The band”)
GemCutter Records is : Hoodwink415 & PapiBarz 
GemCutter Records is an Independent Hip-Hop/Rap Record Label based in San Francisco California. Label Owner and Premier artist Hoodwink415 is a seasoned MC, a dynamic lyricist and vocal performer from the Mission District in San Francisco; Hoodwink415 has worked with artist like the Bushwick Bill from the Geto Boys, the Real Onez, Yung Cutt-E, Nicofasho, & Stunnaman02. PapiBarz is a Premier artist for GemCutter Records and label mate, he is a distinguished independent Hip-hop artist/ performer and vocalist. PapiBarz has worked with influential artist and producers in the Bay Area like producer Vdal Garcia (Neff the Pharaoh, A-wax, Foreign Glizzy), Big Dirty Productions925, and videographer Freedom Vice & Stunnaman02.

Host Rudy Ortiz

Rudy Ortiz is a rising stand up comic and Bay Area native who has performed at clubs and theaters all around the country. In addition to his comedy career Rudy is also a radio personality who currently co-hosts The Dream Team morning show on KBLX in San Francisco and hosts his Podcast T.R.A.G.I.C. on Youtube

IG & TWITTER: @itsrudyortiz
VENMO: @RudyOrtiz9


Born in the San Francisco Mission District, for the past two decades BAYONICS has mixed Reggae and Latin music to create a style as unique as the city they call home. Freely melding genres, they carry on the tradition of legendary Bay Area groups such as Santana and Sly & The Family Stone, groups that sought to transcend genre with music that moves people both literally and figuratively. BAYONICS is led by lead singer Jairo Vargas, whose vocals bounce from guttural grit to smooth and sweet. Being legally blind, Jairo has faced challenges in life but is resolutely undeterred by any physical limitations. He has channeled his life experience into music, delivering live performances with a spirit and soul that transfixes fans.

 Venmo: @Jairo-Vargas-1


Based in SAN FRANCISCO, Emcee/rappers

San Francisco based Underground Hip Hop Record Label – The People’s Label.


CameUpKav. From San Mateo, Ca. Has a mix of hip hop, r&b, pop, reggae, and island vibes all put together. Music that makes you wanna move. He’s putting on for the Polynesian people but still keeping the sound rooted from Bay Area influences.

Music Artist I Fam Bizz