Los Rakas is comprised of cousins Raka Rich and Raka Dun, pioneering Panamanians by way of the Bay Area on the frontier of a new Latin urban sound. Known for their fresh mix of hip-hop, plena, reggae and dancehall music; the Grammy-nominated duo represents the cutting edge of Pan-American flows. 

Taking their name from the Panamanian word “Rakataka,” a negative slur used to describe someone from the ghetto, Los Rakas have set out to inspire fellow “Rakas” by empowering them to become successful despite their circumstances. 

In 2012, Los Rakas released their EP, Raka Love, touring nationally and internationally. Their debut album on Universal Music Latino, El Negrito Dun Dun y Ricardo, released in 2014. In 2016, Los Rakas released their self-titled, second album earning them a Grammy nomination for “Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative Album”. Their 2019 album Manes De Negocio is best described by Remezcla as a “socially conscious trap soiree”.

As KQED states, Los Rakas are “positioning themselves as the heirs of pioneering Black Panamanian reggaetoneros such as El General and Renato.” Los Rakas are turning the current Latin hip-hop world on its head.

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San Francisco-based artist and producer, The Kid Rated R, expands on the genre of hip-hop adding elements from his native Bay Area as well as New York and Los Angeles, where he honed his skills in performance and production. The Kid was surrounded by music as a child, often listening to his Puerto Rican-born father practice his craft as a professional percussionist. Rated R’s influences cover a wide-range of genres and it shows in his eclectic beats and wide artistic range.  Working often with others, The Kid Rated R has produced for a number of artists and has also been credited with A&R on various albums. The Kid’s love of live music is also evident in the instrumentation he uses in his compositions as well as the band he rocks with on stage.


Jah Warrior Shelter’s Jah Yzer, I-vier & Irie Dole have established themselves as one of California’s leading sounds, winning 9 Sound Clash titles. Each selector in the crew has his unique style, earning well deserved recognition, not only as a clash sound, but a top juggling sound as well. In The Bay Area, you can always find a Jah Warrior Shelter Hi-Fi dance to go to and have a good time, either with individual selectors or together as one sound.

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DJ Mind Motion of the legendary Pirate DJs has been “Rockin’ The Party” for nearly 20 years strong in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. From his early start breakdancing with the Mind Motion Crew in the early 80s, to movin’ the crowd with his brother DJ EFX, DJ Mind Motion was destined to become a Hip-Hop & DJ pioneer. He picked up his first turntables when he was 13 years old, and soon after started playing house parties, birthdays and weddings. After he mastered that format he moved onto a bigger and broader audience of schools and big hall dances. His first big gig was at a club called the “Nightbreak” in San Francisco. After that, everything fell into place for this talented DJ. His first branded party was called “Mothership Connection” which gave him the foundation to have a part in creating the world famous “Cream of Beat” Parties. This was the party of all parties. It was mandatory for all artists who came through the Bay Area to attend “Cream of Beat”. Anybody who’s anybody broke ground at the “Cream of Beat Party”, 2Pac, Redman, Wu-Tang are just some of the alumni. DJ Mind Motion is part founder and a member of the crew called the “Pirate DJs”. In the club world, DJ Mind Motion is NOTORIOUS for his “gifted” ability to get the crowd hyped whether by playing the hottest hits, breaking new music or taking you back to the old school. DJ Mind Motion has mastered the science of rocking a party, as well as, handling crowd control business on the mic. In 2001 he won the West Coast DJ of the YEAR from RPM Marketing. Throughout the years (from the early 90s to the present) DJ Mind Motion has always been a key factor in the Bay Area DJ & radio scene. His musical expertise and tireless dedication to the culture has led DJ Mind Motion to work with IHeartRadio Media, Entercom, Univision plus marking the Pirate DJ Crew to be known throughout the world. This includes every conceivable facet of djing you can imagine. You name a club; He has promoted it. You name a backyard party; He has rocked it. Djing in front of 40,000; He’s done it. Plain and simple, DJ Mind Motion can easily claim to be one of the most-respected, hardest- working djs in the business.
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With persistence and diligence Dame Drummer is making his way in the music industry. His musical contributions have reached people all over the world.  He has toured and worked with a long list of artists including Aisha Fukushima, DâM Funk, Zion-I, Kev Choice, Grammy Nominated: Los Rakas, Prince protege Liv Warfield and 2x Grammy Award winner Fantastic Negrito. In 2019 Dame released his second full length album entitled “Loveolution” and in May of 2020 released his first single “Aye Yai Yai” from new ep of the same title. Dame’s music journeys into the world of the people he identifies with the most: The meek, poor and oppressed people of the United States of America and world beyond.

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My Name is DEJAVU I’m From Oakland Ca, I love Music I live and  Breathe it I started singing at the age of four and performing in talent shows about 5 and up I knew I was Destined for it and I’ve been writing and performing Being In Choirs . I Find peace in music it’s my Muse and serenity I plan to Open a Program for Young Creative youth as space for them to be groomed on their gifts and Be  mentored and feel safe.

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Anjali Asha, whose name translates to ‘Offering Hope’, is a Mexican and Indo-Fijian American singer/songwriter. Her unique cultural background influenced her with a wide spectrum of music growingup. Anjali began writing lyrics as soon as she learned to write and quickly discovered singing to be a passion.

At nine years old she amazed her father by singing him a song she had written. Being a music producer, Anjali convinced him to record the song for a 5th grade class project. A natural at creating melodies with an interest in various music genres continued to help her define a style all her own. Some of her biggest influences include Amy Winehouse, Fergie, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Etta James, Louis Armstrong and Frank Sinatra.

In June of 2018, Anjali was preparing to release her debut album when a car accident involving a drunk driver brought everything to a halt. Anjali’s face was crushed in, separating her cheekbones from her skull, along with a broken nose and jaw. Surgeons estimated a 2-yearminimum of recovery time and warned she may never sing again. Anjali defied doctors’ orders to rest and she soon became a “miracle” patient. Just two months into her recovery she began to work again. While waiting for upcoming surgeries, she inspired her team to get on board for a whole new project. Seven months later while still in recovery, Anjali proudly announced her new debut album titled, “CHINGONA”.

When asked about her album, Anjali said, “As a whole I want “CHINGONA” to make people feel good. It’s an upbeat album representing growth and lessons learned. I want listeners to be able to come with me, through the introspection that brought every word, and to read into the deeper meanings behindthe lyrics. That not only sums up struggles but influences a new attitude on how to process and push through them into a new chapter. My goal was to capture ambition, positivity, triumph and resilience.”

Anjali Asha aka CHINGONA -She’s unstoppable!

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Based in the Bay Area, Emcee/rapper Deuce Eclipse and co-founder/vocalist of Bang Data, draws influence from both his Nicaraguan heritage as well as the culture of Hip-Hop he grew up with in the United States.

By the age of Nine, he began rapping with a middle school friend, the two adopting the names ‘Ace Moon’ and ‘Deuce Eclipse’, which he carries with pride to this day.  
Since then, he has released a variety of albums and over 200+ songs, some of which have been featured on many TV shows, commercials, and movies. Most notably the song ‘Bang Data’ on AMC’s show Breaking Bad as well as George Lopez’ movie Spare Parts, and most recently his song ‘Listen’ on ABC’s show Grown-ish. He’s also acquired an extensive international and Bay Area local list of collaborations including Mega Banton, Eva Ayllon, Roy Paci, Zion I, Equipto, Pep Love and more.
Deuce has toured the world alongside one of his best friend’s Zumbi, as an accompanying voice to Zion I Crew. Most recently touring the East Coast and West Coast Amphitheaters together with Stephen Marley, Rebelution and Common Kings.
Deuce’s true talent will continue to be his ability to paint a vivid picture of where we are as a society by weaving compelling personal stories into his rhymes.

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Cecegocraziii. “I was born and raised in Oakland Ca. Im ❌NOT❌ a rapper I Spit 💦 Lyrics. I educate threw my music, and I also inspire all black and brown people to know their truth, live their truth, and always believe we can do whatever we put our mind to. I create music not just for me but for all who needs it to heal”.

Cecegocrazii is the MESSENGER.




Youngin Floe is a Nicaraguan-American artist and producer, native to the San Francisco Bay Area. Being heavily influenced by the Hyphy Movement and the rise of Reggaeton as a child, Youngin has developed a refreshing sound by mixing Spanish/English wordplay over heavy Bay Area rhythms that break the very foundation of what music is “supposed to” sound like. Although well-versed in various Hip Hop aspects and styles, Floe’s refusal to be restricted by a single genre has allowed him to develop a versatile selection of music with songs ranging from Hip Hop, Latin Trap, Dancehall, to Reggaeton.

Youngin has also had the pleasure of working with various artists like: Mistah Fab, Futuro Fuera de Orbita, X Raided, and Los Rakas, just to name a few. Youngin Floe has been credited being the first artist to authentically depict the Nicaraguan-American Lifestyle with songs like “Chavalo”, “Nica 101”, and “Nica 101 Remix”. With a successful Nicaragua tour out the way and another one planned for Mid – August 2018, Youngin’s goal of being the Nicaraguan representative of Latin American music today is within grasp.


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Born in the San Francisco Mission District, for the past two decades BAYONICS has mixed Reggae and Latin music to create a style as unique as the city they call home. Freely melding genres, they carry on the tradition of legendary Bay Area groups such as Santana and Sly & The Family Stone, groups that sought to transcend genre with music that moves people both literally and figuratively. BAYONICS is led by lead singer Jairo Vargas, whose vocals bounce from guttural grit to smooth and sweet. Being legally blind, Jairo has faced challenges in life but is resolutely undeterred by any physical limitations. He has channeled his life experience into music, delivering live performances with a spirit and soul that transfixes fans.

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Born in the San Francisco Mission District, DJ Klean Kut is hitting the soundwaves with his skilled mixing and blends that will have you dancing and grooving all night Long.

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