OMINODAY Music Festival has been a consistent space to provide a cultural and artistic haven for our community, our families and our youth. Inspired by the life and vision of Andrew “DJ Domino” Ele, OMINODAY celebrates his loving legacy as a youth advocate, community activist and talented DJ.

      OminoDay in the Park began in 2007 in loving memory of Andrew “DJ Domino” Ele. DJ Domino was a youth advocate, community activist and a budding pillar in the community. He was an inspiration to many and strived to create spaces for people to gather, share positivity and heal through music. Over the years, OminoDay has grown to provide a cultural, artistic haven for families and communities of the southeast neighborhoods in San Francisco. Today, OminoDay celebrates arts, culture and community of southeast San Francisco neighborhoods and is one of the only home-grown, community-led music festivals in the area.
Our lineup this year will include bands, poets, dancers and DJs. As always, there will also be a space for information & resource tables, live art, kids’ activities, and food for the community.
Rest in peace, DJ Domino. OminoDay was his vision and continues to embody his loving legacy.
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For more information call 415.240.5114 or


This in an ALL AGES event, FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC and 
it is wheelchair accessible.

Sponsors include:
Loco Bloco, Precita Eyes, HOMEY, SF Rec&Park, Saturday in the Park,, BFL Productions & BlackThorn Bar