9:30 - Blessing  by Danza XUICOATL

10:00 - DJ Papa Joe 

11:00 - Youth Poets from HOMEY

11:20 - DJ Epic

12:20 - MC Opium Sabbah

12:40pm - Capoeira Ijexa  

1:20pm - Native Elements


3:30pm - Bayonics

4:30pm - A decade of OminoDay: Remembrance and Awards

5:00pm - Loco Bloco



Loco Bloco’s mission is to promote San Francisco youth’s healthy transition into adulthood by engaging them in the creation and performance of music, dance, and theater traditions reflecting the cultural diversity of the Americas.  Loco Bloco encourages its youth to use multicultural arts forms as a tool for their own empowerment and as a catalyst to help them overcome discrimination and bring about change in their communities.


Driven by tireless passion and their mission to reach as many people as possible
Native Elements on average clocks-in 50-80 shows a year crossing continents,
borders and city limits from Oregon to San Diego to Baja California, Mexico, France,
Belgium, and Hawaii. They have toured with Steel Pulse, Midnite and Bunny Wailer while also sharing bills with reggae royalty, Third World, Black Uhuru, Don Carlos, and Alpha Blondy among dozens of others. As a back up band, Native Elements has supported Hawaii’s own Humble Soul, Marty Dread, J Boog and Jamaica’s own Luciano. Formed in the bedroom of drummer Chris Cortez in Daly City, CA the band grew from a seed planted by lead singer Jose Pangan after his first trip to Jamaica in 1994. He soon traded his Bad Brains records for early Black Uhuru and Mighty Diamond mix tapes which provided a perfect soundtrack to their favorite past time, skateboarding. Cortez, who was also transitioning out of his punk rock days, had just disbanded his high school thrash band, “Demented” taking along with him Jaime Duran (bass) and Peter Hadden (keys) to soon form the early incarnation of Native Elements. They later enlisted the keyboard/trumpet and trombone talents of Benjamin Thompson and Mike Heuser who both came from playing funk, soul and jazz with the funky Motivators. Saxophonist, Mike Baz entered the in the year 2000 opening a new level of excitement and improvisation to their live shows. Together, the band has developed their own innovative style of soulful, energetic, roots reggae incorporating smooth lovers rock and hard hitting original rockers rhythms all fostered by the fearless San Francisco Bay Area community. They have 3 self-produced commercial recordings that have earned them California Music Award nominations, honorable mentions and invaluable respect and adoration from their Jamaican brethren the Twinkle Brothers, Abassinians and The Mighty
Diamonds. Without a doubt the band has stood the test of time garnering a devout
following and reputation as one the best reggae bands born in the SF Bay Area
holding down an authentic and well-seasoned Champion sound.


Bayonics are a 10-piece powerhouse combining hip hop, funk and r&b with elements of Latin music and reggae to create a sound that reflects the emerging face of urban music and culture on the West Coast and abroad. 



Opium Sabbah brings a rich and diverse musical legacy to his music. Son of the legendary Cheb i Sabbah, Opium Sabbah was raised listening to the spiritually rich and exotic music of India and North Africa. He watched and listened as his father pioneered a new genre of world music, and was introduced to musicians, vocalists and producers who would later influence his own musical career, such as Shukhwat Ali Khan, Cheb Khaled, Hassan Hakmoun, and many others. However, growing up in San Francisco, California would introduce Opium Sabbah to Hip-Hop culture, and Rap Music, where Opium first emerged as a graffiti artist, then as an Emcee with the local fledgling group Criminal Minded Playaz in the mid 1990’s in San Francisco. Opium would continue to perform and record music as both a solo artist and in collaboration with other artists for the next 15 years, making waves with local collar hits such as “My Kinda Love” (Ferenheight: Global Warming, 2008), and making an impression on stage in venues from San Francisco to Morocco to India, performing alongside artists such as Raekwon and DJ Quick. Opium Sabbah’s most recent work is without doubt his most important to date. A collaboration with his late father, “Freedom is Free” is a labor of love, and a once-in- a-lifetime partnership between father and son. Set to release may 2016, and featuring artists such as Mandeep Sethi, the Midival Punditz, and produced by Cheb i Sabbah himself, “Freedom is Free” aims to make a unique impact on the music scene. For information on booking live shows and DJ sets, contact Brown Recluse Management at



Throughout the 2000’s Jah Warrior Shelter's Jah Yzer, I-vier & Irie Dole have established themselves as one of California’s leading sounds, winning 9 Sound Clash titles. Each selector in the crew has his unique style, earning well deserved recognition, not only as a clash sound, but a top juggling sound as well. In The Bay Area, you can always find a Jah Warrior Shelter Hi-Fi dance to go to and have a good time, either with individual selectors or together as one sound.